The New Revolution of Fitness
  • January , 2021
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It’s no secret that fitness centers get really busy at the turn of a new year. The New Year’s surge of people lingers around into mid-spring and by Summer, gyms are empty again. This year, 2020, broke that pattern. All people who were still making good on their commitment to regular gym attendance were abruptly cut off due to COVID-19. On Jan 30th, 2020 the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a Public Health Emergency of International concern. Most, if not all gyms, in the USA were shut down by the end of March after COVID-19 was declared a National Emergency. This left Americans to figure out innovative ways of how to stay physically active. During this time the demand for at-home workout equipment skyrocketed. What many people realized after purchasing all their at-home equipment was that they needed guidance. Working out at home for most people was a novel experience. This is where online personal trainers came to save the day.

Digitizing the Workout Experience

Online personal training is something that “existed” prior to COVID-19’s profound impact on the health and fitness industry. However, it wasn’t until recently that it has started to explode onto the scene. Many individuals that had previously trained in a gym with a fitness trainer before were skeptical of the concept. Working out from home through an online virtual platform with a personal trainer drew questions. However, the feedback from people who’ve tried it is very encouraging. Many believe virtual training will stick around beyond the COVID-19 era, because of obvious benefits that come with it.

 The clearest reason for online virtual personal training’s growth is the concern for contracting COVID-19 at a gym. Gyms have a high turnover rate with a large volume of people all touching the same equipment. Not to mention people are often sweating and breathing heavy when exercising. This can lead to plenty of opportunity for the respiratory droplets to help spread the disease.

One serendipitous discovery for many gym-goers was the flexibility and convenience that came with working out at home. There was no longer a need to drive to and from the gym. Online personal training is a time saver, and has allowed fitness enthusiast to get quick and effective workout in from the comfort of their own home.

Make Working Out from Home Safe & Effective

Through guidance and a well structured online fitness program all that is generally needed for an efficient workout is a set of bands, an open space, and your body weight. Starting Point Fitness had even strategically put together a list of recommended pieces of workout equipment that allows for a variety of exercises to be carried out for under $59!

To make this new way of working out even easier they provide any interested candidates with a free 1-on-1 Virtual Onboarding Session. During this FREE SESSION the trainers help individuals setup their very own at home workout area. The convenience of virtual online fitness training is why frequent travelers have also welcomed this new era. They pack a set of bands in their luggage and it’s all they need to maintain a regular workout schedule even if constantly changing locations.

Any Downside to Online Fitness Training?

One of the expected misfortunes of leaving in-person training was that the motivation and energy felt from the trainer wouldn’t be the same. There seem to be mixed feelings on this issue. Anyone that has reconnected with friends or family living far away has arguably felt an increase in motivation. Some may think the motivational energy isn’t carried through a screen. However, with the right platform and an enthusiastic personal trainer, virtual training makes it feel like you are right there amongst each other.

In addition, online fitness is still providing the person working out with the most important thing…Real time feedback on your form and performance. The extra set of eyes to monitor performance always enhances body mechanics and reduces the risk of injury. Another overlooked benefit is that the trainer can also see your home set up. In return, your trainer can modify every exercise to fit the equipment you have access to.

It is safe to say that 2020 has been far from the norm and it won’t be much of a surprise if 2021 New Year’s resolutions don’t have their regular impact on fitness centers. At the same time, maybe the major changes COVID-19 has caused will lead to some positive new adaptations. In the health and fitness realm, that positive change may be the option to train virtually. It has been hard to make adjustments to the new norm that COVID-19 has brought on. However, virtual training is the safest and most socially responsible way to train during these unprecedented times.

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