Cutting the Cost out of Fitness
  • June , 2021
  • SPF Team
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Online Personal Training

Are you busy and find it hard to make time for the gym? Need 1-on-1 attention but don’t feel like straining your bank account to receive the help you deserve? You are not alone. Unfortunately, we fall short when it comes to carrying out a healthy lifestyle, and receiving additional help can really strain our bank accounts. This is why we have created Virtual Team Training, as it provides all the aspects you typically inherit from working with a Health & Fitness Professional but at a FRACTION of the price, and within the comfort of your own home. Our fun group workouts will keep you motivated and relaxed knowing how much time and money you are saving.

Virtual Team Training is a community based approach to personal training, giving you that individualized attention inside a group setting, with the benefit of a supportive community. Our Live and Interactive workouts allow you to not only see us but we see you; allowing two-way conversations to occur as we motivate, provide feedback, and personally train you in real time. Every exercise is modified to not only fit your fitness level but your at-home equipment accessibility as well.

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