Shoulder Rehab

How long has your body’s “check engine” light been on?

How many times did you take your car into the mechanic this year when those breaks started screeching, those tires needed changing, the A/C went out… No matter how big or small that car problem may have been.. You took it in, got it assessed, found out the cause, and took the time to get it fixed so it could run smoothly to keep YOU safe.

Now.. When was the last time you did the same for YOUR body?!

Our bodies need tune-ups as well. Many aches and pains that bother us can easily be fixed or at least improved by learning how to move properly. This is because the body has a tendency to do what’s easiest, not necessarily what’s best.

At Starting Point Fitness we charge personal training rates for a high quality service that includes working with our on staff Doctor of Physical Therapy.

  • No hassle to get started
  • No insurance needed
  • No prescription required