The Origin of Starting Point Fitness’ Name
  • September , 2021
  • Adam Neylon
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Starting Point Fitness

EFL Didn’t Quite Roll Off the Tongue

First a small group of us decided to create our own company and we had to give it an initial name for the LLC. We landed fairly quickly on EFL (Exercise For Life) training services. It suited our brand and purpose of our service. We wanted to show people how to exercise and stay active (safely) for as long as possible. We intended to have this as the business name, but we were concerned the message wouldn’t be clear to the public. Thus, this led to the ongoing, nauseating, endless conversation of how we should address ourselves to the public.

Starting Point Fitness Was Born

We viewed the most important factor to naming a company as succinctly sending the message what the company does. We wanted people to know that we were a company seeking to help those who were brand new to the gym setting, unfamiliar with how to workout effectively, or unsure how to workout without flaring up their chronic pain issue. It finally dawned on us that we kept saying we wanted to be the person’s “starting point” on their fitness journey. We landed on Starting Point Fitness as our name for this reason. However, this didn’t happen before countless conversation hours and polls were conducted with friends, family and strangers to figure out what everyone else thought described our company after explaining our philosophy and vision. We are happy with the outcome, but truly believe picking out a baby’s name requires a fraction of the planning.

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