Small Group Training

Team Building Workouts for Friendly Support & Competition

Exercising with a friendly group can take your energy to a new level. Ready to make the workout sessions fun and exciting from now on? With our team building workouts, you will have a blast while exercising.

Fun Group Personal Training

Workouts are Always Better With a TEAM…

Not a big fan of working out alone, or financially comfortable for 1-on-1 training, but still desire that Guidance, Accountability, and Motivation that comes with having a Personal Trainer?

Small Group Training allows for you to inherit all of the perks from 1-on-1 Personal Training without the strain on your pocket book as you receive individualized attention inside a Group Setting of 3-6 people. You can create your own group of friends or family to workout with, or you can try out 2 free weeks of unlimited group personal training. The best part about group training is you still get the much needed personal attention and guidance, while also reaping the benefit of working out in a group. The uplifting and positive energy from your group will help you stay consistent and keep you coming back for more!

The Small Group Training Experience

  • Healthcare professionals all under one roof; consisting of our in-house Physical Therapist (DPT), Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), and Certified Personal Trainers (CPT) that collaborate as one for optimal success.
  • Working out is always better with a TEAM. The motivation and accountability you receive from a group atmosphere makes all the difference when reaching those goals
  • SGT allows for you to still receive the much needed personalized focus but at a fraction of the normal Personal Training cost.
  • The larger your group, the lower your rate! Form and/or invite others to your group and receive an additional 20% off for every referral… What a deal!!

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Small Group Training Done


  • Wish your friends or family lived closer? Seeing your friends/family members from across the world just became easier!
  • Let your workouts & goals fit into your busy lifestyle from the convenience of your own home.
  • Worried about how your workouts will look like from your home? Our Group Workouts are designed around household equipment, making this lifestyle change easy and realistic for YOU.
  • Your small group partners will hold you accountable to stay the course, be consistent, and not view your workouts as a chore. They’ll prevent your momentum from slowing and falling off like so many of us often do.
  • The simplicity of our Virtual Platform allows for just One-Click and you’re “Zoomed in” to a workout session with your favorite group of people, and a workout led by your LIVE Health and Fitness Professional, including our Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT).
  • Workouts from your home in combination with a welcoming community is how we at SPF strive to limit any stress and anxiety felt when making a healthy lifestyle change.

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It’s more than just working out… SPF’s Key Amenities = RESULTS!

  • Personalized At-Home Workout Plans

    There are 168 hours in a week and with only a few of those hours coming from direct engagement with us, our first priority is to make sure you know what to do on the days you are not training with us. These personalized workout plans are overseen by our Doctor of Physical Therapy, ensuring your exercises are safe and strategically placed for optimal RESULTS!

    At-Home Workout Program
  • Access to our DPT

    Sometimes it is necessary to begin training with our DPT first, in order to learn how to work with your chronic musculoskeletal condition. There are also times where life happens and you develop acute injuries that need to be addressed. If your small group is seeking out time to work with our DPT, an appointment can be made to learn new exercises to address/prevent pain (e.g low back, knee, hip etc.) or ask questions related to the neuromusculoskeletal system, at no additional cost!

    Physical Therapy outside of group personal training
  • S.M.A.R.T Goals and Measurement Trackers

    In order to make certain that you are advancing toward your long-term goals, your fitness professional will be setting realistic short-term objectives you guys collaborate on and reassess on your group’s testing day. This mostly entails physical performance testing, but can include more depending on what your fitness professional and group determines is best.

    Measuring Fat Loss & Muscle Gain
  • Habit Exchange

    Humans are creatures of habit and we have realized that the best way to make changes in someone's life is not by overwhelming them with recommendations but by working together to figure out what habits can realistically be broken or initiated. With continuous implementation and removal of daily habits outside of the gym, our clients see progress toward a healthier lifestyle.

  • Nutritional Planning Analysis

    This starts with overviewing the client’s typical eating habits first to dissect what is going wrong and then providing the clients with proper suggestions that fit their specific needs. Thus, suggesting the client to carry out the following: choice of food, caloric intake, macro-nutrient percentages, timing, and other supplementation will be determined by a scientific analysis based on their current results, body type, lifestyle, and their individualized workout programs.

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