Meet Our Team

Zach Janczak

Trainer, Founding Owner

The Why:

Zach was originally drawn into Health and Fitness back in 2006 when battling his own worst enemy, himself. After years of feeling uncomfortable in his own skin and even lacking self worth, he realized the negative impact this was causing in other areas of his life. It was because of this understanding that he had finally concluded a change needed to be made, and he was ready to do just that.

This was his “starting point,” taking one day at a time, sometimes even just one decision at a time. Working out and fueling his body with proper nutrition was the beginning to making this lifestyle change. Soon he began experiencing first hand just how critical this new way of living was for an overall happier life. Although these were difficult times, still to this day he is grateful for these past hardships as it has molded him into the man he is today. Thus, allowing him to bring relatability, sincerity, and passion into the lives of others.

Philosophy & Vision:

With 2/3 of Americans being overweight, it is clear society has lost its understanding on what it means to be healthy. Today, with more and more people relying on a quick & simple fix, it is Zach’s belief that a new perception on how we view and treat our bodies needs to be instilled and worked on each and every day. Being easier said than done, Zach understands this hardship; which is why he believes in meeting people where they are at, and providing them with the utmost supportive team at “Starting Point Fitness.” Simply put, SPF’s establishment is attributed to the desire of helping and guiding others become the best versions of themselves no matter their starting point.


  • Carroll University Bachelor of Science (Exercise Science & Nutrition)
  • NSCA-CPT (2012)
  • D1 Collegiate Athletic Performance Coach
  • Programming and Training Paraplegic Clients
  • Creating & Implementing Group Personal Training Programs in Multiple Clubs

Joey Kitten, DPT

Physical Therapist

My Why:

Joey was a very active kid and dealt with numerous sport related injuries throughout high school and college which is a large part of what drew him to Physical Therapy. Due to his own experience with pain, Joey takes a very gentle and empathetic approach to treating his patients. Joey strives to educate his surrounding community on the importance of addressing biomechanical imbalances in order to prevent worsening of current conditions or development of future issues.

Philosophy and Vision

Joey is a strong believer in preventative healthcare. He thinks that the concept is underemphasized to the general public, especially from a musculoskeletal standpoint. If more people were given an annual check up to assess and address physical impairments, they could be educated on how to avoid probable future issues. By proactively addressing the issues, patients would be able to avoid increased spending on procedures/medications and most importantly move better for longer. This is why seeing movement experts on a regular basis, such as the way personal trainers are utilized, can be so vital to one’s health.


  • Graduated Carroll University with Bachelor of Science (Biology) in 2015
  • Graduated Carroll University with Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2017
  • Clinical experience with outpatient orthopedics, outpatient chronic pain management, and inpatient neurological rehabilitation
  • Dry needling certified

Adam Neylon

Partner & VP Business Development

My Why

I believe fitness and and a healthy lifestyle can change your life. Throughout my life I’ve been involved in various sports and played baseball throughout my college career. This set the foundation for my passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. As business owner and father of 3, I understand that good health is the cornerstone of my ability to give 100% in all areas of my life. Our trainers at Starting Point Fitness know that physical fitness isn’t the goal, it’s the tool we use to reach our goals.

Philosophy and Vision

The Team Training and Starting Point Fitness model are unique, outcome-based programs that make fitness available to people of all ages and abilities. Our team will help you find your own “why” and give you the tools to improve your own life through better movement, better health and better lifestyle.


Lisa Donaldson

Director of Client Services

My Why:

Lisa’s  journey with health and fitness started with her first love; the sport of basketball.  Basketball taught Lisa so many life lessons, but most importantly it introduced her to the profession of Athletic Training which jumpstarted her passion for healthcare.  Becoming an Athletic Trainer allowed Lisa to be apart of so many student-athlete’s journey’s within their sports careers. With being the first one at the scene of injury, taking athletes through the evaluation and rehabilitation process, and seeing that special look on their face when they finally take that first step back on the court fully healed; inspired Lisa to want to make a larger impact. The human body is truly amazing with the way we can move, adapt, and heal; and Lisa chooses to devote the rest of her life to keep learning and helping as many people as she can during their health journeys.  Lisa believes Starting Point Fitness will allow her to not only stop at student-athletes, but carry on her passion and knowledge to everyone who strives to move better, be pain free, and support them through a lifestyle journey.

Philosophy and Vision:

Lisa believes Starting Point Fitness can truly be the bridge between Physical Therapy and Fitness. SPF not only has the suitable experience and professions to treat orthopedic limitations and teach proper mechanics; but they have the want and desire to serve and use their gifts for the benefit of each person SPF comes in contact with for a better way of living.


  • Concordia University Irvine: Master’s of Business Administration (Emphasis in Management & Leadership)
  • Concorida University Wisconsin: Bachelor’s of Science in Sports Medicine Athletic Training
  • BOC Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) and National Athletic Trainer’s Association (NATA) since 2014
  • Certifications in: Dry Needling, Certified Cupping Therapist, Tecnica Gavilan, & First Aid and CPR
  • Past Experience as a Co-Head Athletic Trainer (Community College), Clinical Preceptor, PT Clinic Manager, Sports Medicine High School Instructor, & Medical Sales Surgical Consultant

Howie Bremberger

Personal Trainer

My Why:

Howie’s fitness journey started in high school playing football. He decided to actively pursue this journey when his weight read 290lbs on the scale. This was a low point in his fitness journey that most people can relate with. During this tough time, he decided to act and make a change; this is when fitness became one of his biggest passions. Through commitment and consistency he was able to see progress, and it is this progress that fuels him to get better every day on this continuous Lifestyle change. Howie’s goal is to serve and help others reach their fitness goals by teaching them habits that will last a lifetime. He hopes to instill that there’s no time limit to a healthy lifestyle. If there is one thing he has learned from being on this fitness journey, it is that the only competition you have is yourself. Howie is committed to raising the bar EVERYDAY in his own Health & Fitness journey to have the relatability and compassion to help change the lives of others.

Philosophy and Vision:

Howie believes Starting Point Fitness sets itself apart in how they serve and put the client first. It’s one thing to train, get results, and be on your way, but SPF takes pride in making sure that the client is being taken care of, supported, and most importantly achieving results and relationships that will last a lifetime. How SPF serves and helps others makes it truly an honor for Howie to be a part of Starting Point Fitness.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sports and Exercise Science at Wisconsin Lutheran College (2018)
  • Youth Football Coach at Wisconsin Lutheran High School (2014-Present)
  • Certification in CPR (2019)