Weight Lifting
  • July , 2023
  • Zach Janczak
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Unleash Your Strength: The Incredible Benefits of Resistance Training

At Starting Point Fitness, we believe that every journey towards health and wellness begins with a strong foundation. That’s why we advocate for the transformative power of resistance training. This can be accomplished with weights, resistance bands, or bodyweight exercises. Stimulating muscle fibers will lead to growth, recruitment of additional muscle fibers, and a faster…

Group Personal Training in Germantown WI
  • March , 2022
  • Your Fitness Team
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Group Training > Group Fitness Classes

The Semantics of Group Training vs Group Exercise When it is said out loud “Group Personal Training” and “Group Exercise Classes”, it could potentially be mistaken as the same thing. Anyone who has tried both can tell you there are some significant differences which will be discussed. Along with the voices you hear here and…

Group Personal Training
  • October , 2021
  • Adam Neylon
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Time to HIIT It

What is HIIT? Time, the one thing in life we could always use more of. It’s hard enough to make timefor the essential things in our life let alone finding time to work out. Most times our mainexcuse for not working out is simply because we don’t have the time. What if I could tell…

  • September , 2021
  • Adam Neylon
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So, Group Training?

What are our options? Working out can be intimidating. Working out can be hard, tedious, and a lot of timesexpensive. While working with a personal trainer yields amazing results sometimes it justdoesn’t fit in our budget. So what are our options? Do we sign up for a cheap gym membership and set a routine for…

Starting Point Fitness
  • September , 2021
  • Adam Neylon
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The Origin of Starting Point Fitness’ Name

EFL Didn’t Quite Roll Off the Tongue First a small group of us decided to create our own company and we had to give it an initial name for the LLC. We landed fairly quickly on EFL (Exercise For Life) training services. It suited our brand and purpose of our service. We wanted to show…

Core Strengthening
  • August , 2021
  • Fitness Guru
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McGill’s Big Three for Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain Something the vast majority of Americans and even rest of the world’s population can relate to is the feeling of low back pain. It’s almost inevitable that at some point an individual will seek guidance on how to treat low back pain from a medical professional. If that medical professional seen is…

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