DIRECTION! MOTIVATION! SUPPORT! UNLIMITED TRAINING! AND NO CONTRACTS! Working with a Personal Trainer every workout has never been this affordable. Seeing results keeps SPF’s Group Personal Training Members coming back, and because of that SPF does not need 12 month contracts. Instead, they offer Month to Month Memberships with the hope of making your “Starting Point” that much easier!

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Group Personal Training (GPT), was designed to provide all the aspects from your traditional 1-on-1 Personal Training Service, but at a FRACTION of the cost! Along with having a workout program ready for you everyday, members often look forward to seeing other in the program. Being apart of this Supportive Community here in Germantown makes working out that much easier. From the Upbeat Environment to the Camaraderie of the group culture, you will surely fall in love with Group Personal Training!

“Cutting the Cost out of Fitness”