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SPF is a health and fitness studio with a passion of changing lives. An uplifting culture established through its community and fun game based workouts, adapting this healthy lifestyle becomes that much easier. Unlike a gym membership, members of SPF come in and receive professional guidance each and every workout through one of its services. From 1 on 1 Personal Training to the cost effective Group Personal Training, SPF will help you find YOUR Starting Point.

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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!

A culture where you are supported, motivated, and encouraged by others just like you as you start your new lifestyle journey. With a Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Athletic Trainer, and Personal Trainers who are in constant collaboration, we will help you safely and effectively reach your goals with a proper plan of attack!

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Online Team Training

Busy Schedule? Don’t like working out alone? No worries! This 50-minute group personal training workout from the comfort of your own home, is exactly what your body and soul will crave. The workouts are designed through the collaboration of our diverse staff (DPT, ATC, & CPT) to give you the most efficient and effective workout. Get out of reality, and enjoy your workouts again with a group of fun and upbeat individuals. You will leave feeling happy, healthy, and of course sweaty… every time. There will be a mix of cardio, strength, and functional resistance training within each workout. You will feel welcomed into this positive community and will never have to workout alone again because you will be a part of the TEAM!”

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A Group Personal Training Workout in Germantown WI

Unlimited Group Personal Training

Group Training allows for you to inherit all of the perks from 1-on-1 Personal Training without the strain on your pocket book! Workout in a fun and upbeat environment while knowing you are exercising safely and efficiently. Receive guidance and feedback from your fitness trainer as they modify every exercise based on your capability. No more feeling intimidated, this is a community based program that welcomes all newcomers! No judgement, no negativity, just a lifelong supportive and encouraging group of people like yourself who also had a Starting Point.

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Personal Training in Germantown WI

Personal Training

Here at SPF, when in Personal training you have access to all of our healthcare professionals, including our Physical Therapist! Outside of your sessions, we will make sure you have the right tools to succeed! This includes a personalized workout program, nutritional direction, and the accountability of carrying out healthy lifelong habits.  Workout safely and effectively as you receive our undivided attention to look, move, & feel your very best!

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Coach Lisa leading tonights Group Personal Training Workout

Buddy Training

Are you someone who needs an accountability partner to get those workouts in? You’re not alone, according to the IHRSA those who exercise in a socially interactive group environment are 56% more likely to succeed. Do you have a friend, spouse, or family member that you’re looking to do workouts with but still want to be sure you’re getting all the close attention that Personal Training brings? Buddy Training may be the answer for you!

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Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a therapeutic tool that we use in combination with rehabilitation exercises to help manage musculoskeletal injuries. This therapy technique can help to decrease pain by loosening up tight musculature, and even indirectly show significant improvements for joint range of motion, bones, bursa, and nerve pain. Are you ready to live pain free again?!

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Success Stories


Good morning, I wanted to share my good news! I just left the doctor's office and he said whatever I have been doing should keep doing! Since he gave me permission last month to begin exercising and resume my small group training, I was able to get my blood pressure down enough that I do not need to go on blood pressure medication (and I lost 5 pounds)! A big thank you to Zach, Lisa, Howie and Joey for helping me to get back on track, you guys are the best!

Amy Vossekuil

Starting Point Fitness has the best trainers! They offer virtual, in person, one on one and group training. They even have dry needling. The trainers are very knowledgeable and give you their best attention and are always looking for feedback to improve! Honestly, give them a try. You will see results no matters your fitness level!

Maggie Fries

If you want a fitness plan developed just for you, SPF is the place for you. Starting point will not only evaluate your fitness level, but they will also have a physical therapist assist in the design of your workout program. The staff at SPF is dedicated to designing thorough workouts that can be done safely. I’m 67 years old, and SPF matched me with perfect workout buddies. Shortly after the pandemic hit, SPF was ready to deliver our training via Zoom. This has enabled us to keep up our fitness program with the same feedback and support we received at the gym. The trainers at SPF are masters of encouraging you—you’ll soon feel very much a part of the SPF community.

Soozie Wiley

My husband and I LOVE team training! Zach helps us do more together than we ever would by ourselves. The classes are high energy, fun and intense. I enjoy all the trainers and the team atmosphere adds a sense of encouragement and belonging. Each session is strategically different and Zach created a program for us to do if the class time doesn't work into our day, so there is always a game-plan. We look forward to our workouts for sure!!! Can't recommend it enough.

Shelly Lewandowski

My wife Becky and I started training with Zach a few years ago and from day one we loved his energy & knowledge of fitness. I need to keep in shape because of my family history and the staff at Starting Point Fitness makes working out fun. We have seen excellent results in our weight loss and strength gains and we really enjoy the music and energy levels when we train. Thank you Zach, Lisa, Joey & Howie for making our life stronger and healthier!

Jerry Lambrecht

I am thrilled to have a Starting Point Fitness (SPF) in my life. I have been training with Zach since January 2016. I have lost weight, toned and have become much stronger. I feel great! Zach, Lisa, and Howie are terrific trainers and motivators. Their training program is geared around my personal needs. They are able to adjust the program if I have an injury. This program is for you if you want to be in great shape, have fun, and want to feel good about yourself!

Laurie Wetterau

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