So, Group Training?
  • September , 2021
  • Adam Neylon
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What are our options?

Working out can be intimidating. Working out can be hard, tedious, and a lot of times
expensive. While working with a personal trainer yields amazing results sometimes it just
doesn’t fit in our budget. So what are our options? Do we sign up for a cheap gym membership and set a routine for ourselves to go to the gym 3-5 times a week? What happens when we fall short of our commitment to ourselves by sticking to the routine that we set? We fall off the bandwagon. We lose motivation, we lose our momentum, and fall into our old routines. So what if there was another option? We could commit to a routine at an affordable price point still get that hands on approach from a trainer and yield the results we desire. Group fitness classes are the answer.

Benefits of Group Training

  • Community
  • Routine
  • Positive energy
  • Hands on approach at affordable price point

Community is Key

The benefits of group training are endless; some of the main benefits include a sense of
community, a set routine, positive energy, and hands on training with a fitness professional.
Group training is in a class setting with other individuals who are on the same path as you,
getting/staying healthy. Classes can range in size from 3 individuals to 25. What’s great about training with others is you get that sense of community that you are all in this together. You are all fighting the same battle and working towards the same goal, health.

What Time is Class Again?

Getting into a groove and following a routine is hard. If setting a routine was easy we’d
already incorporate exercising into our daily routine. What’s great about group classes are that they are the same time every week and set the routine for you all you have to do is show up! No finding time to fit a workout in your schedule or stressing that your workout wasn’t long enough for you to see results. With your schedule being set for you all you need to do is commit and put in the work. Easy enough!

Ball of Energy

We all have those days where we don’t want to work out. We dread heading to the
gym, yet we do it anyway and push through our workout. The energy isn’t there and our
motivation is low. As soon as you walk into a group fitness class though… the energy is
different. There’s a vibe or an aura that you can feel. Whether you had a crap day or a great day the positive influence in class is sure to always put you in a better mood. After your workout you’ll feel even better because you exercised and released all those endorphins creating happiness within yourself. Even better, you were with people who brought positive energy and you all “pushed” through and made it together.

Break the Bank

As previously stated personal training can be pricey. Even though you may need that
hands on approach hiring a personal trainer could break the bank and being able to commit
financially sometimes just doesn’t work out. Group classes are that budget friendly option
where you still receive one-on-one time with a fitness professional, but not empty your pocket book by doing so. Group classes are usually unlimited, offer many different classes and times. Trainers will offer their expertise to you and you’ll have the confidence in class knowing that you are performing the exercises correctly and staying motivated with a trainer to guide you along to the beat of the music.

So What’s the Deal?

Here’s the lowdown, if you want to be surrounded by a community of people who are
working towards the same goals as you, positive motivation, coaching from a fitness
professional, and a budget friendly gym membership, group fitness classes are for you. There really isn’t a down side. Sign up for a class, show up, put in the work, and you’ll quickly realize the perks of group training out weight any excuses you have.

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