SPF is a fun, encouraging community of Health and Fitness Professionals that strive to serve others to reach their goals by supporting them and providing them with the best tools necessary and overall service to fit their needs. We employ many health professionals including our Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Athletic Trainer, and Personal Trainers so all your health needs can be addressed within a one stop shop.

  1. SPF prefers to start all of its new comers off with a short “Connection Call.” It is during this 15 minute conversation we want to learn more about you, your goals, fitness background, and concerns. Through this call, we can then determine which complimentary service best suits you & your needs.
    • For example if you have an orthopedic limitation we would recommend you take advantage of our FREE “Injury Assessment” Session with our Doctor of Physical Therapy.
    • If your goal is specifically related to weight loss, then perhaps some free time with one of our Personal Trainers would be best.
    • Whether you would like to take these next steps through our virtual platform or in-person, here at SPF we believe everyone has their own “Starting Point,” and it is through this Connection Call that we can help point you in the right direction.

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  1. However, if you are already certain that Virtual Team Training is your calling then we can offer you a Free 2-Week Team Training Pass by clicking the link below. Once we have your information, we will reach out to schedule your “Virtual Onboarding Session” and prepare you for these next 2 exciting weeks of Unlimited Team Training for FREE!
    • During your “Virtual Onboarding Session,” our goal is to make sure you feel comfortable & confident to participate in this new digital platform of online training. We will help you set up your at-home studio, proper camera placement so we can see you and be able to provide you with proper modifications/progressions during the workout, walk you through the overall Online Virtual Training Platform to schedule and access the workouts, and lastly take you through a quick form assessment to make sure you are ready for your first workout!
    • This 2 Week Training Pass will allow you to get a feel for all the different class types we are offering, along with a better understanding of how this new innovative way of online virtual training works.

Free 2-Week Team Training Pass

If you are ready to look and feel your very best, let us connect through our new online screen-to-screen platform. It’s always more comforting to know who you will be working with in advance, so this quick 15-min Virtual Call gives you the comfort and ease of meeting us face-to-face through our cellular device or laptop. The simplicity of our app allows you to be just 1-click away from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere in the world… Making this an easy first step to a brand new you.

The purpose of this call is to understand your goals, fitness capabilities, challenges you’ve faced in the past, and most importantly addressing any concerns you might have. By the end of the call, we will be able to point you in the right direction with one of our complimentary services that best suits your “Starting Point.”

  1. We will help you configure your very own at-home workout area AKA your brand new at-home studio
  2. We will help you with camera placement and configuration for your workouts so we can best view you and help correct form for a live and interactive experience.
  3. Navigation through the user-friendly app
  4. We will provide you with ideas and show you what common household items you can use to substitute into your workouts for lack of exercise equipment
  5. Comfortable, easy, effortless onboarding session will help us meet you where you are at = set you up for success!

  1. Its LIVE & INTERACTIVE (not recorded); Our Staff actually sees you and you see us, which makes correcting form, adding in modifications, and even progressions that much easier.
  2. When everyone can see each other, you feel like a team who can interact and motivate one another, making more of a community-based program that’s positive and uplifting.
  3. Being in a group allows for interactive games to be played, making workouts fun, enjoyable, and a way to get out of everyday life where you don’t have to view working out as a chore.
  4. SPF not only has personal trainers, but has a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and a Certified Athletic Trainer on Staff who provide a whole other dimension to style, safety, coaching, and guidance each workout.
  5. SPF has different types of workouts each day and a structured plan that ensures that each client is never overworking areas of the body, fulfilling a well-balanced workout each class.
  6. Pre-Game TT is a service like no other, where you have access to your Live Trainer 15 minutes prior to any class to receive feedback or any modifications/progressions you may need for the upcoming class.

Unlike a group exercise class, where participants follow a choreographed workout from the instructor, TT is Personal Training inside a group setting, meaning interaction between you and a personal trainer actually takes place in real time. Therefore, in Team Training your LIVE TRAINER who is watching your every move will not only be motivating and cueing you to maintain proper form, but personally modifying every exercise based on your fitness capability. Performing the proper exercise variation on each and every set will ensure you are staying safe and working at an ideal level to maximize your RESULTS every workout.

  1. Personalized Focus and Guidance
  2. Don’t have to think about what to do; structured to ensure not overworking certain areas and fulfilling a well-balance workout
  3. Scheduled time for easy habit and accountability/motivation not just from staff, but your teammates as well
  4. Allows one to receive individualized focus but at a Fraction of the Cost as you can work with a live fitness professional every day without the strain on your pocket book

You should be able to workout in your living room, bedroom, office or wherever you can find a comfortable 6×6 space. You may also take advantage of SPF complimentary “Onboarding Session” where team members will help you set up and optimize your own workout studio.

SPF will first start off with a Connection Call to gather information like your goals, equipment list, and be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Once we go through the at-home equipment list you do have, we will chat with you about alternative house-hold items that you may have that will work as equipment, and also provide you with links of recommended purchases under $60 which can help diversify your workouts as well.

Before your first workout, we will also invite you to a Virtual Onboarding Complimentary Service where we can help you set up your “at-home studio” and camera placement so you are comfortable and ready for your first workout with us!

As you start attending workouts, you will also have free access to our Pre-Game TT sessions, which is 15 minutes of time prior to each workout where you can come and receive modifications or alternative equipment options if you don’t have the equipment that is needed for that particular workout.

We keep the ideal group size anywhere from 6-12 individuals to keep our service more personalized and focused on YOU.

Each session is around 1 hour in length, with an added 15 minute “Pre-Game TT” bonus time prior to the start of class time.

  • This was one of the reasons we created PreGame TT, as it gave our clients the chance to learn more about us as Trainers, 15 minutes prior to every workout, and to meet their other teammates who also come on before the workout. Our Trainers are good at giving proper introductions and welcoming you in to make you feel a part of the Team right away.
  • SPF will do their part by partnering you with someone who’s been in the program for some time, to take you under their wing and make you feel even more comfortable and welcomed.
  • The workouts include game-basedactivities which there are lots of interacting and team building that helps everyone to bond closer.
  • Team Building goes outside of the workouts: If you live in the area, we try to do a lot of local community events as a TEAM, such as: 5k’s, Potlucks, Outdoor Workouts, etc. With our new Virtual Platform, we also have launched fun community events “virtually” as well.

  1. Learn and receive alternative exercises based around your at-home equipment accessibility
  2. We will address your questions/concerns for you to feel comfortable and confident for each Team Training class you attend
  3. We will provide and show you modifications for each exercise to fit your fitness capability
  4. Provide you with modifications if you have an orthopedic limitation or an injury
  5. Culture! Members will come on prior to the workout to socialize and engage with one another
  6. We can even run you through each exercise that you’ll be doing that day

Yes, the workouts are designed for ALL fitness levels. Every exercise, you will have a progression and regression to make the overall workout easier or harder depending on the individual. We also have a licensed Physical Therapist on Staff (Dr. Joey) to assist you.

At SPF we have an open door policy with easy communication with our staff outside of workout times if you need. We also have a Doctor of Physical Therapy (Joey, DPT) who collaborates with our entire team, and will work with you individually if you need anything. Most of our clients say how nice it is to have access to our DPT who will then collaborate with the rest of the staff so we are all on the same page when getting back into our workouts/workout routine.  It is important to us that we help to teach and educate our clients on how to work around limitations, and we pride ourselves on always putting safety first.  Asking how it feels and providing alternatives if  we see someone is struggling or needs any kind of regression during the session.

No, we have a new workout that is scientifically programmed to allow you to come every day, ensuring you are always seeing RESULTS and never plateauing or getting bored.

You do not need to inform us if you will be missing a session, just come back next week! Like personal training, if we don’t see you for a while, we will be holding you accountable and contacting you.

Yes, you can view our Virtual Team Training Class schedule with our different class types, class descriptions, as well as all the class times through our WellnessLiving Software and App you can access right from your phone. With only one-click to “Book” yourself for a class, and one-click to “Join” a workout, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to workout with us Virtually at SPF.

We understand that personal training and wanting to live a healthier lifestyle can be heavy on the pocketbook. Hence the reason why we created our Pathway to Fitness Model, so we can still serve you by providing you with all the best care and amenities, but without the heavy costs that Personal Training can bring. Our “Pathway to Fitness” is a strategically designed model that was made to help navigate our clients through the most common barrier many of us face when working with a Health & Fitness professional… financial tolerance. Most fitness organizations will aim to have clients buy the most expensive package and keep them at that price as long as possible. SPF takes pride in its ability to continuously lower the cost for its clients.

Almost all of our Training Services are offered both Virtually and Online, except for our Virtual Team Training Service which is all online due to the Coronavirus.

  1. At SPF, patients should first expect the clinician to ask questions and evaluate their condition to confirm they are a qualified candidate for dry needling
  2. Once the assessment portion is over, the clinician will give the patient his/her input on whether Dry Needling is right for them. The clinician will describe the risks and benefits of the treatment and have the patient sign the liability waiver if they desire to go through with it.
  3. The only responsibility the patient will have for the rest of the session is focusing on relaxing their muscles!
  4. Upon insertion of the thin filiform needle, there is usually no pain because these needles are almost 10 times smaller than the standard ones most people are used to seeing at their PCP’s office.
  5. As the Needle weaves through healthy muscle tissue, there is very little discomfort felt. However, if it interacts with a muscle that’s irritated, shortened, or has trigger points (AKA: muscle knots) it will bring on a sensation often described as a muscle cramp or reproduce the same symptoms that brought the patient in for treatment.
  6. As the Patient becomes more experienced with dry needling, they actually start to welcome this feeling because they are familiar with the amazing outcome and relief they feel afterwards.

  1. Expect some soreness in the beginning that usually dissipates after 24-48hrs. 
  2. Patients can expect to be sore in the area worked on during and immediately after the treatment. This does not occur every time but does happen more often than not, especially after the first appointment.
  3. This soreness will last 24-72 hours before pain relief sets in.  
  4. The majority of patients typically require eight sessions or less and patients with chronic pain will require more than those with acute pain.

  1. It is recommended that the patient increase their water intake for 24 hours after treatment to help avoid and reduce soreness.      
  2. Within the first 24 hours following a DN appointment, it is recommended to avoid intense exercise or heavy lifting, only light stretching/exercise, is recommended.     
  3. It can be expected to have some bruising in the areas treated. To reduce bruising a cold pack can be applied to the sore areas shortly after needling.

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