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  • March , 2022
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Group Personal Training in Germantown WI

The Semantics of Group Training vs Group Exercise

When it is said out loud “Group Personal Training” and “Group Exercise Classes”, it could potentially be mistaken as the same thing. Anyone who has tried both can tell you there are some significant differences which will be discussed. Along with the voices you hear here and there from your family and friends about how much they enjoy group personal training are the numbers. The current trend in working out will indicate real quickly that group personal training is the new effective and preferred way to get a sweat on.

You Get What You Give

Let’s start out with praising the overlap that some of the group fitness classes have going for them. They bring people together regularly and relationships between members can form. There is usually upbeat and fun music along with the class to help motivate the gym-goers. There is a trainer or fitness coach present for the sessions. But group personal training has all of these perks as well… The one advantage that fitness classes have over group personal training is that they are sometimes lower cost or even free. But…putting nothing in can often give back that same thing in return.

Individual Focused

By now everyone knows someone or is only two degrees of freedom away from knowing someone who does group personal training. As stated before, it’s the latest trend in the fitness industry for several big reasons. A primary driver for its success is it provides results and does so safely. In group personal training there is a certified personal trainer (CPT) who walks around and individually modifies exercises to suit every person’s specific level. This means that the person leading the session isn’t just staying in one spot choreographing the same exercise for all attendants to follow. There is a personal trainer actually moving around the gym and personally training each participant after brief demonstration. Meaning the fitness trainer is watching everyone’s form and provides specific exercise modifications to each individual to prevent injury. This element of individualization also helps build a bond between the trainer and client. Clients steadily become more acquainted and comfortable asking questions about their exercise form and performance. Due to less attendants at these group personal training workouts, talented CPTs and fitness coaches will even tailor the workout entirely based on the type of clientele coming in that day. This is far from the classic group exercise classes, that are often printed out from a template found online that leads to repeated performance of the same ole generic routine.

So the Cost Difference Must Be a Lot Right?

All this focused attention and overall superior product must cost a whole lot more than the generic version right? Wrong. Based on someone attending ten workouts per month, they would be spending an average of $13 per session at a rate of $129/month for unlimited group personal training. That’s individualized and personal attention given to the member each workout. To get that quality of care would normally require personal training which at an avg. of $70/session means that same person is spending $700 a month for ten workouts.

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