• September , 2021
  • Adam Neylon
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So, Group Training?

What are our options? Working out can be intimidating. Working out can be hard, tedious, and a lot of timesexpensive. While working with a personal trainer yields amazing results sometimes it justdoesn’t fit in our budget. So what are our options? Do we sign up for a cheap gym membership and set a routine for…

  • July , 2021
  • SPF Team
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Reunited at Starting Point Fitness

In early 2020, COVID-19 led to the disbanding of SPF’s members into small groups,individual, and virtual training. On July 5th , 2021 many faces familiar to SPF werereunited together when a special large group workout was held. The large groupincluded clients from all groups: Virtual Team Training, In-Person Small Group Training,and In-Person 6PM Small Group…

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