Reunited at Starting Point Fitness
  • July , 2021
  • SPF Team
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In early 2020, COVID-19 led to the disbanding of SPF’s members into small groups,
individual, and virtual training. On July 5th , 2021 many faces familiar to SPF were
reunited together when a special large group workout was held. The large group
included clients from all groups: Virtual Team Training, In-Person Small Group Training,
and In-Person 6PM Small Group Training.

Some Friendly & Fun Competition

Of course in this workout we had to include some friendly competition and set up a
“Team Relay” between 4 groups of people consisting of 4-5 participants. The relay was
made up of seven cardio based exercises with a set number of reps to be completed by
each team. The winner of the relay was determined by the best time achieved by each

As soon as “Go” was heard by the members, the change in decibel level was noticed
right away. Each team was trying to cheer on their own members to inspire quick times.
Everyone was determined to be faster than the other, but the sense of camaraderie
even between teams was there. Despite being on different teams, other members were
cheering for each other which falls right in line with what SPF is trying to promote- a
sense of community.

So who had the fastest time? Well of all four groups, the group who knew each other
the least, succeeded in recording the best time. This particular group was composed of
VTT, some morning in person small group, and some evening in person small group.
This mixed group was able to quickly communicate, work together, and step up to the
challenge of winning the relay. It certainly wasn’t a thought that they might be an
underdog to the rest of the groups because they didn’t know each other. At SPF there is always a welcoming, encouraging and supportive aura hovering over the

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