Weight Lifting
  • July , 2023
  • Zach Janczak
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Unleash Your Strength: The Incredible Benefits of Resistance Training

At Starting Point Fitness, we believe that every journey towards health and wellness begins with a strong foundation. That’s why we advocate for the transformative power of resistance training. This can be accomplished with weights, resistance bands, or bodyweight exercises. Stimulating muscle fibers will lead to growth, recruitment of additional muscle fibers, and a faster…

Core Strengthening
  • August , 2021
  • Fitness Guru
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McGill’s Big Three for Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain Something the vast majority of Americans and even rest of the world’s population can relate to is the feeling of low back pain. It’s almost inevitable that at some point an individual will seek guidance on how to treat low back pain from a medical professional. If that medical professional seen is…

  • July , 2021
  • SPF Fitness Staff
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Why Not Just Do Exercise Machines?

The Machine Trap It’s common for most people who haven’t been taught how to properly workout to fall into the “exercise machine trap”. This means that since they’re unfamiliar with how to devise exercises out of free weights, bands, etc, they will fall back on machines with pictures of what motion to perform. These machines…

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