Personal Training Made Fun
  • July , 2021
  • Zach Janczak
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Fun Personal Training

Meet Max

Max is a personal training client here at Starting Point Fitness in Germantown Wisconsin. Max is an inspiring young man who has come a long way on his health and fitness journey. His PT and personal trainers at SPF have made a comprehensive plan designed help him reach his fitness goals. Max enjoys coming to Starting Point Fitness because he knows his personal trainer/PT will be make it a fun time.

After the Milwaukee Bucks had won the 2021 NBA Championship, the staff at SPF wanted to do something special for Max. Due to Max’s love and passion for the game of basketball, his trainers had put together a special Bucks themed workout just for him!

This full body workout consisted of challenging his strength, cardiovascular system, balance, flexibility, reaction time, & overall body functionality that translates to everyday life. Most importantly, this workout was geared toward having fun. We made sure to have plenty of basketball references and implement basketball-like movements to keep him motivated. Needless to say…Max stayed excited and engaged through the entire hour long workout!

Starting Point Fitness prides itself on the ability to make people look forward to working out. There are always ways to make working out seem like less of a chore. Like Max, when someone has an enjoyable workout experience, they’ll be more consistent, and ultimately find lifelong success with their health & fitness.

Thank you Max, because you inspire all of the personal trainers and members here at Starting Point Fitness. Your motivation and work ethic reminds us everyday why we enjoy helping others through their health and fitness journey.

If you are in need of some motivation, direction, or would even just like to go through a fun workout with us, click here or message us. We would love to give you a free workout session to help you jump start your workouts again!

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