How do You like your Eggs in the Morning??
  • December , 2020
  • SPF Team
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If you’re looking for new ways to start your day with a healthy breakfast, then we have a NEW recipe for you to try! These Spinach Avocado Breakfast Quesadillas will be sure to spice up your breakfast routine and give you a new way to whip up a couple of eggs

Spinach Avocado Quesadilla Directions: 

1) Whisk eggs/egg whites, and water in a medium sized bowl. Set a large skillet over medium heat (coat w/cooking spray) and pour egg mixture in skillet 

2) Place 1 tortilla in heated medium sized skillet over medium heat. On top half of tortilla place cheese, scrambled eggs, hot sauce (optional), avocado, and spinach

3) Fold other half of tortilla to make half circle. When golden brown, flip to cook other side. 4) Remove quesadilla from pan and cut into thirds. Garnish with parsley (optional), serve and enjoy!

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